Monday, March 17, 2008

The Second Most Common Question of First Time Home Buyers

“Is the current market idea for purchasing a home?”

In the current climate of daily foreclosure stories and “experts” using words and phrases like “recession” and “bursting bubbles”, I am going to answer this question and issue my perception of the current real estate market in Northeast Columbia, South Carolina.

We all have goals and dreams for our lives. Some of the items on my “Bucket List” or “Goddard’s List” include visiting all 50 states in The Union, competing on a game show and becoming one of the most trusted real estate professionals in South Carolina.

In my opinion...Anytime is a great time to realize your dream!

If you are looking to own a home and experience the “American Dream” of home ownership, REMEMBER…….Anytime is a great time to realize your dream!

Would you like some facts that support my answer?

In Northeast Columbia during 2007, the number of HOMES SOLD did decrease by about 10% in comparison to 2006 numbers. HOWEVER………….

While those numbers decreased, the average sales price INCREASED by about 4.69%. What does that mean to you?

If you were thinking about buying a home in 2007 and decided that the “television and news experts” were right about your waiting to purchase a home, you LOSS about $8400 in equity through natural appreciation.

Do you need some more convincing? Nibble on these numbers…….

These are the raw Consolidated MLS numbers for Northeast Columbia Zip Codes:
(Zip Codes: 29223 -- 29229 -- 29016)

Year----------Closed Sales----------Average Sales Price
2007__________ 2700_______________ $192,714
2006__________ 3091_______________ $184,072
2005__________ 2929_______________ $168,566
2004__________ 2517_______________ $169,245
2003__________ 2129_______________ $163,100

What do these numbers say?

If you had bought your home in 2003, you could have gained about $30,000 in home equity. Here’s a question for you?

How hard would it be for you to save $30,000 within four years?

In summary, if you are buying a HOME (and not primarily for investment purposes) and you are working with a team of real estate professionals…. Anytime is a great time to realize your dream!

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