Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Most Common Question Asked by First Time Home Buyers

“What is the first step in the process of purchasing a home?” This is the most common question asked of me by first time home buyers. My answer is always the same. “You need to hire a team of professionals!”

Have you seen the commercial with a man sitting at his kitchen table while on the phone with his doctor? The doctor starts by saying………

"Hey Bob…… have you disinfected the area?...Good....Now make a three-inch incision between the fourth and fifth abdominal muscles." The worried-looking man on the other end of the phone stares at the knife and says………."Shouldn't you be doing this?"

"It's really straightforward. Listen, I gotta go. I'll talk to you later." The doctor hangs up the telephone and leaves this poor guy to his own devises. Most of you would say….this is an unrealistic commercial. No one would make an attempt to perform that act.
Literally, I would agree with that statement. However, let’s dig a little deeper into that state of mind.

If we had termites or some other serious infestation, wouldn't we hire a pest company to treat the home? If we had a plumbing leak behind our clothes washer that caused water to seep into the walls (personal experience), wouldn’t we hire a plumber?

Not only would we hire these professionals. We’d even agree to pay their fee.

Consider this. There are several first time homebuyers shopping for homes while sitting at their computer with a knife in their hands.

Purchasing a home without hiring a team of professionals could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs, mortgage interest, and home equity. There are several aspects to buying a home.

If you are a first time homebuyer, YOU SHOULD NOT BE WORKING ALONE!

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