Thursday, March 13, 2008

First Time Home Buyers Share Their Home Buying Experience

Rebecca Levinson is a Corporate Blogger and Community Leader with Connect2Agent in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. She has been nice enough to honor me with being a Guest Contributor of The Patterson Files.

Earlier this week, Rebecca sent me an email to announce the launch of Tales from the Connect2Agent Crib. “Tales” will be a monthly feature that showcases feedback from Connect2Agent employees on relevant real estate topics.

Quoting Rebecca… ”Homeownership is one of the most important goals in life for many people. Even though a home purchase is a business purchase, it is also a very personal decision.”

Rebecca asked some employees of Connect2Agent to tell her about their first time home buyer experience. The responses were enlightening. Here's just a sample......

"One thing I would have done differently is NOT used a family friend as our buyer's agent. I didn't feel like I could voice my concerns or displeasure at all, so as to not "rock the boat" with my parents' friendship with this person

Thanks Rebecca for sharing these experiences with my readers. You are one of the best!
Click Here for Part 3 (The responses couldn't fit into one installment....ENJOY!)

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