Friday, July 4, 2008

Keller Williams Columbia South Carolina Broker Needs Your Help

One of the goals of ThePattersonFiles and my website ( ) is to provide information that is important to my readers (YES…That would be you!)

There are many real estate websites that are not consumer-centric. I have never had a desire to be part of the crowd. I want to be different and one of your valued assets.

Hence, I need your help! Do you have a real estate question that needs an answer? Are you looking for more information on a real estate related topic? Do you have an interested in what it takes for a real estate agent to be successful?

What information would you like to find on my websites and blogs?

At this time, you can find……

1. Columbia SC Homes for Sale
2. The Value of your Current Home
3. South Carolina Real Estate Agency Laws – Your Real Estate Rights!
4. Foreclosure Listings
5. Advice for First Time Home Buyers
6. A Partial List of Neighborhoods with Restrictive Covenants
7. Home Selling Tips
8. Actual Home Buying Experiences
9. Mortgage Resources
10. Real Estate Tax Laws

Please help me with providing you with a great resource for your real estate needs!

CLICK HERE to share your ideas! Your help is greatly appreciated!!

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