Monday, January 7, 2008

Open Letter to the 2009 Outback & Capital One Bowl Committees

Dear 2009 Outback & Capital One Bowl Committees:

According to a published report in USA Today, your bowl game is a competition between the Big Ten Conference and the Southeastern Conference.

If you would like to present a competitive game in which the outcome is in doubt, please do not invite The Ohio State University Football Program to participate in your 2009 game.

Your consideration is greatly appreciated.


David A. Patterson
Supporter of Competitive College Football Bowl Games

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Lenny G said...

As an alum of Louisiana State, and a resident of Tampa, Fl., I have to say I love that post!

Anonymous said...

Bucks weren't supposed to go this far in 2007. It was a rebuilding year. Not too shabby IMHO. Bucks are loaded going forward, and will be back. They play USC in LA 3rd game of the year in 08. Winner will most likely move to #1, if not already there.