Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hey BCS! No more Oklahoma Sooner Games!

Oklahoma Fans! Be prepared to get MAD!

The BCS should have done their research............

Oklahoma is ZERO for 4 in their last four BCS games! They've won as many BCS games as my family since 2004. You don't believe me..... Here's the history.......

Fiesta Bowl 2008 - West Virginia 48 Oklahoma 28 (without Steve Slaton)

Fiesta Bowl 2007 - BOISE STATE 43 Oklahoma 42 (Note: Boise State is in the same conference that produced Hawaii. Hey, Hawaii.... How did Sugar Bowl 2008 work for you?)

Orange Bowl 2005 - USC 55 (yes 55) Oklahoma 19

Sugar Bowl 2004 - LSU 21 Oklahoma 14

After watching USC's, Georgia's and WVU's performances and watching the last four BCS performances of the Oklahoma Sooners, the BCS Committee should have their heads checked.

I know. I know. Oklahoma won the Big 12 Championship. Hey Missouri! You let down the whole country. We needed you in the Fiesta Bowl. This happened on your watch!

Unless proven otherwise, Oklahoma is not a Bowl Championship Series team.
For Oklahoma fans, here's wishing you better days for the football program.

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