Tuesday, February 5, 2008

First Time Home Buyers Need a Reputable Mortgage Officer

After reading a post from my Guest Contributor Jorge Merlos, I had an epiphany. I hadn’t given you a real life example of a reputable loan officer in the Columbia area. Hence….this post is dedicated to correcting my faux pas.

There is a lady that is unique in several ways and brings her artistic creativity to the world of mortgage lending.

Let me introduce you to Leah Avery with Bank of America. She can be reached at (803) 255-7759 or you can email her at LEAH.AVERY@BANKOFAMERICA.COM

Patterson Group has teamed with Leah and her fellow loan officers to market a full range of banking products and real estate services to Columbia, South Carolina real estate home buyers.

Leah is a Columbia native and a Graduate of The University of South Carolina. Yes…Clemson Fans. Leah will still get you a great mortgage for your home.

Leah will meet to discuss your financial needs and analyze your credit and financial information in preparation to obtain the best mortgage option for your purchase while minimizing closing costs.

Leah sends this list of items to post. These are some items needed to assist her efforts to help you.

*2 years W-2s...Most loan programs will require that the borrower provide only the previous year’s W-2 statement. However, some government programs will want to review two years. If you are self employed, you’ll need to bring your entire return for the previous 2 years.

*Bank Statements...Lenders require a 60 day history of all active bank accounts. It is with these documents that funds to close are verified, etc.

*Current pay stub...Pay stub(s) will assist the lender in verifying monthly gross income, as well as what the borrower has earned year to date. Most loan programs will require only one pay stub, while several government programs request pay stubs for the previous 30 days.

*Driver’s License...Your lender will verify your name, address, etc. with your driver’s license. Please be sure to take your license to closing as the attorney may also verify your information.

*Other Income...If your qualification is based on other forms of income including child support payments, bring documentation (cancelled checks, etc.) to prove verification of such income.

The process of applying for a mortgage can be the source of much anxiety.

If you plan to meet with any lender in the near future, these aforementioned documents should be with you upon arriving at the lender’s office. This will contribute to expediting approval of your mortgage application.

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