Monday, December 31, 2007

Dave's Top 10 - Television Marathons

The Holiday Season is the most popular time for Television Marathons. At the moment of this post, the $100,000 Pyramid Marathon is winding to its conclusion on Game Show Network. Tomorrow, the Let’s Make A Deal Marathon will commence at 9am Eastern. Do you see a theme with my marathons?

Yes. I’m somewhat of a game show addict. One day…I hope that you’ll see me on TV and say…

I know that guy! He’s my real estate agent friend in Columbia, South Carolina.
Sorry. I digressed. Anyway…….

These marathons motivated me to share with you my personal 2008 Television Marathon. These are the shows that will give me a break from the real estate world. If you are looking for something new to watch on television, give these shows a try.

1. Family Guy – If you are a member of Generation X, this show will be hilarious!

2. The BoondocksAaron McGruder’s Comic Strip comes to life on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.

3. Countdown with Keith Olbermann – I can describe this show in eight words “World’s Worst Person in the World and Special Comments”. Don’t forget to by his book entitled Truth and Consequences.

4. The First 48 – This is a REAL LIFE (not staged reality) show based on homicide detectives in cities such as Memphis, Tennessee and Miami, Florida.

5. Reno 911! – If you are a fan of the long running television series COPS, you’ll love this parody! This is another hilarious show!

6. Mythbusters – This show deals with the validity of urban legends that have existed throughout history. Does mice actually scare elephants? This show attempts to answer that question.

7. American Gangster – This is a documentary series featuring some of the most notorious African-American gangsters. Ving Rhames is the narrator.

8. Dr. Frank E. Ray, Sr. – Dr. Ray is the pastor New Salem Missionary Baptist Church in Memphis. If you are ever in Memphis on a Sunday morning, Dr. Ray's sermon is a required activity. I watch his sermons on The Word Network.

9. Boston Celtics Games – I am a huge Kevin Garnett fan! This will be his best opportunity to with a NBA Championship! “Let the truth be told!”

10. The new television show of 2008 that catches my attention.

Here’s wishing you a safe, blessed and healthy (and great TV watching) 2008!

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