Sunday, December 16, 2007

Get A Home Warranty!

For homeowners, selling a home can be a challenging task. For home buyers, purchasing a home is a major investment and a big step in their lives. For both, most systems are hidden from view and are easily taken for granted until something goes wrong. That is when your asset/investment can become a major headache! Hence, home warranties are becoming a fundamental part of all real estate transactions.

Homeowner Advantages

Sellers give themselves a marketing advantage and are protected from unexpected bills on covered systems and appliances during the listing period. Sellers also reduce their after-sale liability. In this litigious society, that type of protection speaks for itself.

Buyer Advantages

After making your down payment, covering your closing costs, paying for moving and incurring all incidentals, your home should provide comfort and joy, not the surprises of extra (and expensive) repair bills on major systems and appliances.

Beginning on the day of closing, your year-long home warranty provides for the repair or replacement of mechanical systems and major appliances that break down due to normal wear and tear. Plus, if you like the peace of mind that is provided by your home warranty, you have the option of renewing your warranty on an annual basis.

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